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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company, Desert Valley Contracting. We have worked in the construction industry in Nevada for over twenty five (25) years. Desert Valley Contracting is one of the only restoration companies in the state of Nevada that is a properly licensed to restore and rebuild high rise and residential properties as a fire and water restoration contractor We are a family owned business, with many areas of specialty ranging from fire and water restoration, commercial construction, new tract-home construction and remodels, and new custom home construction and remodels.


Also, we are a cabinet distributor and installer with Cabinets by Karman which allows us to provide endless solutions to your cabinet needs. We specialize in re-building and restoring high rise properties, residential homes, and commercial buildings damaged from fire, water, vehicles, and vandalism. We have also completed several commercial projects, tract-homes, apartments and custom residential projects, finishing our jobs with customer satisfaction. We maintain quality workmanship in a timely and professional manner to ensure positive working relationships.

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3395 W Cheyenne Ave Suite 107 & 108
Las Vegas, NV
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