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Pain can end up controlling your life and how you live it. Against a backdrop of constant pain, normal physical and emotional behaviour can become difficult if not impossible and put a strain on relationships as well as the performance of regular daily activities.

Very often you feel this kind of pain in your back or neck, the longest part of the musculoskeletal system and the one charged with keeping us standing erect. You are given pain medication and you forget about it until it returns and you start thinking about major surgery. You might even start feeling pain in another area of your body or experiencing other symptoms you canít imagine are connected to the back pain you had a while back.

Las Vegas chiropractors believe most pain is connected and most has its origins in the spine. Completely non-surgical and drug free, chiropractic works on the principle that because of its core importance in the bodyís structure, any distortion in the spine or neck can have a ripple effect on the rest of the bodyís musculoskeletal system. Even pain felt elsewhere can actually have started as lower back pain or neck pain. Focus is therefore placed on checking carefully for any misalignments or subluxations in the spine and manipulating them back into alignment.
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500 North Rainbow Blvd #51
Las Vegas, NV
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(702) 221-1788
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Chiropractic treatment applications
Good results have been claimed for chiropractic treatment in the following areas:

Back, neck and joint pain caused by the strain put on the spine by stress; muscle strain; obesity; having a poor posture or inactive lifestyle; or having a poor support system for your back, such as a poor mattress or unsupportive shoes.
Scoliosis (Curvature of the spine)
Tension Headaches and migraines caused by a poor posture, stress, or tiredness.
Ear infections and colic in children caused by pressure.
Neurological problems may be eased by increasing the flow of blood and cerebral spinal fluid. Chiropractic may also reverse the dropping of the cerebellum below skull as well as brain plaquing associated with multiple sclerosis.
Blood pressure through balancing high or low blood pressure by using upper cervical chiropractic adjustment.
General health: Improvement in general health is reported, including improved immunity and organ function, mental clarity and physical energy and performance.
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(702) 221-1788
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