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Our company has been providing high quality pest control since 1990 serving Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City and the surrounding areas. In the 20 years since, we have grown stronger and bigger and have become one of the most popular Pest Control companies Las Vegas, and Henderson. With customers ranging from small residential homes to large commercial firms, from property management companies, to hotels and properties in Las Vegas you can rest assured that Rebel has amazing customer service, the ability and know-how to fulfill any pest control need.


Las Vegas is infested with a huge array of pest problems. The hot summers and moderate winters make for ideal pest or insect conditions. Further, with more and more landscaping, and increased population, the local insects now have more water and food sources. As such, there is a need for high quality, guaranteed Las Vegas Pest Management solutions. Find the protection you want with our family oriented company.

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6000 South Eastern Suite 9D
Las Vegas, NV
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General Pest Control
Our main service that we offer is monthly general pest control maintenance. Come out every month and set up a preventive barrier around your home for pests. To never have a problem with a bug inside your home again, this is the answer.
Cockroach Control
The control of cockroaches require a great deal of care and planning by the pest control operator. Several steps and techniques are involved in effective control, and these must be used in a coordinated manner. Cockroach control also usually requires a great deal of cooperation from the client to change environmental conditions that contribute to infestations.
Bed Bug Control
Control of the bed bug is one of the most difficult challenges facing the pest control industry today. In the absence of long-lasting pesticides that are effective against bed bugs in the past, pest controllers are forced to rely on new treatment techniques and technologies, and some old-fashioned problem-solving skills. Proper bed bug control always starts with a thorough inspection. Bed bugs will hide where you would least expect and, for the most part, only a trained professional will be successful in finding them. For an effective bed bug treatment the following are almost always a must; the physical removal of live bugs, sealing the mattress and box spring in bug-proof encasements, and the application of targeted residual and contact insecticides.
Rodent Control

Prevention methods should be implemented early in order to maintain a rodent-free home. Rodents reproduce rapidly and small populations become full-blown infestations in very little time. Rodent control may involve the use of several control measures, including: sanitation, removal of harborages, rodent-proofing, use of toxicants and traps, and other methods. Sanitation is essential in a successful rodent-control program. The elimination of shelter, food and water can man the difference between success and failure in controlling rodents.
Termite Inspection
One of the main characteristics of termites and termite colonies is their tendency to avoid open air and bright lights, meaning they will stay underground or within wood products. It is almost impossible for an inspector to visually identify or locate an active termite infestation just by looking at the finished surface of a wall or the accompanying trim.
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I think is very good in the environment, I rate it 5 stars
BySinos Dickson
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Pest Control Services Las Vegas
Get to know the reliable and dependable Exterminator services now in Las Vegas and Henderson NV. You can get child friendly pest control services for low cost. Natural and Organic pest control assures no health threats to anyone.
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