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Being a Las Vegas wedding photographer presents many challenges, and thatís fantastic. We donít want ordinary. We want personality. We want the opportunity to capture your spirit. Thomas Ashley Photography loves both wedding photography and portraits.

However, wedding photography is the icing on the cake. The inherent drama in weddings is an ideal setting for unique photographs, and Thomas Ashley Photography strives to amaze you.†When choosing your Las Vegas Wedding photographer, we give you the photos of a lifetime, we know youíll choose Thomas Ashley Photography for your lifetime of photos.

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3975 North Hualapai Way, Unit 214
Las Vegas, NV
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Testimonial #1
I cannot say enough good things about Matt. He spent more time with us than I had even asked for. I wanted pictures that showed people having fun and captured the spirit of our wedding, and that's exactly what he did. My family was raving about him, as the reception was going on.

Matt made great suggestions and was very accommodating. The images are incredible and we have such a variety to choose from. I'm just so glad that we used Thomas Ashley Photography. It's a great value, and the quality is exceptional.
ByScott & Lauren
Testimonial #2
We need to buy a bigger house; We all love our wedding pictures so much we just donít have enough walls to hang all our of beautiful prints once.

Matt is like a photography genius; a goofy genius. We loved him, my new mother-in-law loved him (THANK YOU), our wedding party was fascinated him, and our families raved about him. And I was in a stunning white dress and my husband looked like James Bond in his tux, but everyone loved our photographer.

I guess sharing the night was okay, because we get to share our wedding pictures forever!
ByColin & Rae
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