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Homestead Pets - Pet Sitter in Las Vegas(702) 301-1293
KEEP YOUR PETS HAPPY! Find out if your pet family is a nice fit for Homestead Pets pet sitting and dog walking firm. Call Homestead Pets when: you have VACATION plans, BUSINESS will take you out of town, LONG WORK HOURS are leaving your pets home alone too long, your dog requirements a MID-DAY WALK etc. Homestead Pets most important goal is to provide the pet owner peace of mind by delivering loving care, attention and protection to their pets and home while they are
6924 Delorean Creek, Las Vegas NV, 89108
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Smarty Paws(702) 396-8501
Our canine companions deserve to live a stress free, stimulating life that we can enjoy with them. Smarty Paws can supply the map to put you and your dog on the right path! At Smarty Paws both owners and dogs will learn new skills to use throughout life, keeping the dog active, and choosing correct activities for its energy! My aim for all training - whether agility, behavior or obedience - is to supply training tools in a fun environment so both dog and owner bond through a positive training
4315 North Tioga Wy, Las Vegas NV, 89129
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Critter Sitter - Dog Walker in Las Vegas(702) 510-8787
Hello, my name is Debbie Weiland, owner and operater of Critter Sitter. Thank you for stopping by and considering us for your in home pet care requirements. Are you searching for someone trustworthy to care for your home and pets while you are on vacation? Does your dog need a walk and extra attention when you're at work? Look no further! We supply these services and more! Your pets will always be well cared for in our dependable hands, we're truly dedicated to this. When you entrust Critter
8405 Pacific Spng Avenue, Las Vegas NV, 89117
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Pet Pros - Cat Supplies in Las Vegas(702) 737-3300
Americans own around 45 million dogs. In the past year alone, over one million pedigreed dogs were registered in the US. With these numbers in mind, you start to get some idea of the tremendous interest most Americans exhibit in owning, caring for, and loving man's finest friend (women's too! Owning a dog is a huge responsibility, but it pays dividends in love, loyalty, protection and companionship for people of all ages. Sometimes picking just the correct puppy for your particular lifestyle
3680 South Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas NV, 89169
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Doggie Steps Dog Training - Dog Groomer in Las Vegas(602) 318-0122
Mark Siebel, owner and lead trainer of DOGGIE STEPS Dog Training, had his 1st dog at the age of 10. A Miniature Schnauzer named P. J. Was the best fit with his family of 5. Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, Mark knew from a young age that he had a natural attraction to dogs, I could never walk by any kind of dog without petting it, says Mark. DOGGIE STEPS Dog Training leashed its 1st dog in 2005. Since then, over 500 satisfied K 9s and clients alike have experienced the pleasures of a
850 Cline Cellars Avenue, Las Vegas NV, 89123
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Southern Nevada K-9 Training - Dog Breeder in Las Vegas(702) 360-1009
Our finest friends are not born knowing how we want them to Need to take them to Southern Nevada K9 Training. We provide professional and experienced dog training at an competitive price. Owner Michael Whitty is a former police officer K9 trainer with years of knowledge training dogs. After extensive experience and training training 1000's of dogs we're the best choice to assist your dog reach his (her) full potential. We currently have great results in correcting the worst dog
7538 Frontier Rnch Lane, Las Vegas NV, 89113
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Got K-9 Training - Dog Trainer in Las Vegas(702) 278-3107
We Train and welcome all Breeds of dog. Our customers own a huge diversity of dogs: German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Doberman, right through to miniature Pinschers and chihuaua's. For some, an untrained dog may only be an inconvenience to live with, for others it can be a comprehensive nightmare. We can assist. We will show you the techniques needed to control and reward nice behavior, and those needed to extinguish undesirable behavior. The end result: a cheerful dog, a cheerful owner, and a
Las Vegas NV, 89102
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